4 Sure Shot Ways to Humanize Virtual Events

4 Sure Shot Ways to Humanize Virtual Events

Follow these tips if you want to bring the right zing to your virtual events.

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1. Create Experiences with Thoughtful Gifts


There is a reason why every time you've come back from an event, you've pens, pop-sockets, t-shirts, or reusable bags. This builds brand awareness and reminds attendees about what they learned, who they met, and the value they gained far. Giving out small gifts can turn your event attendees into brand promoters. Thus, helping you expand your client base and providing great services to the existing ones.

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2. Icebreaking Sessions to The Rescue


Networking sessions are great for participants to communicate with each other. Event Organizers should make diligent efforts when it comes to planning for networking times. Make sure you allow ample time for breakout sessions and one-on-one conversations. This will facilitate a smooth relation between attendees.


While networking at in-person events comes naturally, virtual Networking can get uncomfortable. It might get harder to spark meaningful conversations.


So, to spark conversations, you can start with an icebreaker. This will help your attendees cross the barrier of awkwardness. Specific questions, opportunities to share favorite parts of the event, and other things can help you strike the right chord.

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3. Leverage Interactive Features & Simu-Live Presentations

Make sure you choose a virtual event platform that ensures interactive features like Q&A sessions, live polling, and chatroom opportunities. Although the content of keynote speeches can be similar, presenters should be sure to incorporate some of these interactive features.


Also, keep a note that attention spans are shorter for virtual presentations as compared to in-person events. Attendees will get distracted by their smartphones, pets running around, or even their emails backup. It is important to show attendees the value they will get from participating in your event. A huge part of achieving that is to centre your presentations around attendees’ needs and questions.

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4. Utilize the Power of social media


Social Media is a great tool for getting some public exposure for your event. Utilize it to encourage attendees to be a part of the public conversation that will continue even after the event has ended. Make it super exciting for attendees to post about the event and encourage participation with your social media channels.


Make sure you have an event-specific hashtag so that you can monitor the conversations around your event. You can also encourage attendees to post photos of their office, desk space, or WFH attire. Another idea is to make it a contest where participants can cast votes on their favorite submissions.


Wrapping Up


These were some tips you can use to humanize virtual events. What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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