5 Questions To Ask Your Henna Artist Before Your Wedding

5 Questions To Ask Your Henna Artist Before Your Wedding

Every woman aspires to look perfect at her wedding. But to achieve the right look, having the right vendors is very important. Mehendi is one of the most important and special ceremonies for an Indian bride’s wedding journey, and finding the right artist can be a task. To ease out your worries, we have compiled a list of questions that you must ask your henna artist.


1. Do You Use Natural Henna?

Natural henna is brown and has an essential oil aroma, but it takes around 2 – 3 days for its colour to get dark. However, some mehendi artists use black or chemically produced henna cones and this can harm your skin. This is also the reason why black henna is cheap and accessible and stains instantly. But, none of that is worth putting your health at risk.


2. Do You Mix Henna Yourself?

One way to differentiate a skilled henna artist and a beginner is to ask them if they make the henna themselves or know each ingredient used to make the henna. You could set yourself for trouble if your mehendi artist does not know this. It is a clear indicator that they are not at their bridal caliber just yet.


3. How Fast Are You?

Each henna artist’s speed may vary depending on their skill and the design you need. But, knowing right off the bat how fast or slow they are will let you know how slow or fast they are. This will let you schedule your time accordingly and avoid any last-minute surprises.


This can also be a significant factor in deciding whether you should or not hire your henna artist, especially for the sangeet and mehendi ceremony. For instance, some artists may be very fast, but their quality is not up to the mark. At the same time, other artists may be slow but produce amazing works of art. This all falls back to your priorities as a bride.


4. How Good Is Their Portfolio?

Many brides skip this step because they know the design they want. Looking at your artist’s past works may trigger ideas and will make your mehendi more memorable and special. This also indicates how advanced or skilled the henna artist is.


5. What Are Your Mehendi After Care instructions?

While it’s on the artist to create masterpieces with good quality, henna aftercare is equally important. Some artists provide a free henna aftercare kit that ensures a dark and rich stain is ready in time for your wedding day. Understanding the step-by-step aftercare guides can also help you avoid last-minute rushes. Make sure you abide by the instructions and take good care to get the best color.


Wrapping Up

To all of you lovely brides, make sure you ask these questions before you single out a henna artist. We pray that may your henna be rich and you have a blessed married life. Follow these pointers to get the most beautiful mehendi design and look drop dead gorgeous!