Here Is How Gift Registries Are Changing The Indian Wedding Landscape

Here Is How Gift Registries Are Changing The Indian Wedding Landscape

The modern wedding is not only about pomp and show. There is much more between the layers, and the vibe of practicality makes it all the more cherishable. With more couples looking for budget weddings and not willing to hoard unwanted gifts, the concept of a wedding gift registry is gaining popularity.


While the whole idea is western, it is beneficial as it will help couples get the gift they actually need and will use. Moreover, it will also save the guests the headache of looking for gifts. They will no longer need to play the guessing game and spend hours thinking about what to be gifted.


But what exactly is a wedding gift registry?


The Purpose of A Gift Registry


It is a way for the couples to create a gift list and write what they would like to receive for their weddings. This ensures that the couple will make your gifts a part of their new life and not recycle them!


Once completed, the couple can share the registry URL with guests, and they can make contributions towards the gift. Luckily, several online platforms can help you manage the entire process and deliver the gift to the couple as and when needed. Besides, neither you nor the couple will need to carry around bulky gift boxes.


The whole idea behind it is to curate a wishlist of items that the couple can actually use. Of course, the needs of a couple will be different who are shifting to a new home after the wedding. Besides, couples who will be staying with their parents will have different needs.


Common Gifts Being Included in Gift Registries


Some of the common gifts listed in the gift registries include home decor items, gift cards, cash, and home decor items. Not only are these couples also adding charities to their wishlist. Here is what you can give them.


1. Gift Cards


With couples giving more weightage to experiences, gift cards are the best items you can give them. You can also create a general honeymoon fund or fund their plane ticket or hotel stays. These gifts will not only stay fresh in their memory but will be more valuable than physical products, which they may or may not use.


2. Smart Home Accessories

Well, if comfort came at a click of the button, wouldn’t that be great? You need not think much about it as the smart home category has you covered! A wide range of devices, right from temperature control and smart locks to security devices and smart lighting, can be gifted to your friends who are about to enter wedlock.


3. Cash funds for Charitable Cause

Taking a cue from the royals, couples are looking for ways to give back on their D-day by registering for charitable donations. If you can contribute to this noble cause, it could be one of the best gifts for the couple.


Wrapping Up

This was all about this unique concept of gift registries and how it is changing the wedding landscape. So, ditch the long shopping trips and urge your friends to make their wish list and then make a heartfelt contribution!