How to hire a wedding planner

How to hire a wedding planner

After confirming your wedding date, you may get into a stressful and confusing situation. There will always be somebody who needs to be advising you on your wedding preparations. Wedding preparation takes a lot of effort and vendor knowledge, from choosing the best location to hiring the best photographers and videographers within your budget. You may require assistance because it isn't something you do regularly. The wedding coordinator or planner is here to ensure you make the most of your wedding budget. They will open up for you the best offers within your price range. You will ultimately feel less stressed as a result of this.

Wedding planners will lessen the stress you will experience on your wedding day. They will handle every last thing so you can relax. Therefore, choosing to hire a wedding coordinator will be a wise decision. Even the hiring of a wedding coordinator can be stressful. It will be overwhelming to see so many wedding planners, and selecting one will be difficult. Therefore, we have broken down the entire process into a few straightforward stages for you to follow. So, hire a wedding planner more effectively.

The first step is to research different wedding planners in your neighbourhood or the location of your event. Regardless of how much you already know, further investigation will help because the major players in the wedding market tend to be quick to change. Therefore, being aware of the top players at the moment will aid you in choosing wisely. Choose the best wedding planner within your price range. Check out their portfolio on their website or social media. As a wedding planner, this will help you make better decisions. So, before taking any action regarding selecting the best wedding planner for your special day, learn the points given below and remember those while choosing the right one.

Prior Work

Before contacting a wedding planner, always look at their past work. Their work will be visible in the photographs and videos of the weddings they organize yet. Images and videos of weddings will thoroughly reveal whether they are versatile in their work or consistently deliver the same amount of work for the projects. Look at the fundamental components they choose for their clients' weddings, such as the decor, colours, and lighting. Is each of these elements contributing to a theme, or are they just randomly gathered to make them look different? This step will help you clear your list of wedding planners once you idealize​what you want. That's why it's important to know what you want. It will also help your wedding planner to plan your dream wedding. Additionally, many wedding planners do not necessarily have lots of wedding-planning experience; they may come from other hospitality-related sectors, including corporate events or the hotel industry. So, examine their ability to manage and their relationships with different vendors.

Consider Previous Clients' Feedback

Following your study, once you have narrowed down your top three or four prospective wedding planners, you should, if at all feasible, read the reviews of their previous clients. Examining their wedding photos or customer feedback may help determine whether the wedding planners typically include their best work in their portfolio. You can read reviews of their work on their website and find the outcome. You will learn about clients' experiences dealing with wedding planners, including how simple it was for them to get in touch with the experts and receive the services. You will identify how long wedding planners will take to respond to your emails or SMS, how they handled the circumstance, and whether it was a minor or significant issue. You will get the best responses to your questions in the reviews. These reviews will provide a crystal-clear picture of what your potential wedding planners are really like, allowing you to decide if you want to work with them or not.


After choosing at least three wedding planners, get in touch with them to learn more about their pricing range, services, and availability on the wedding day. Therefore, if you are pleased with their responses, schedule a meeting with them or organize a casual get-together. If the circumstances permit, go ahead with an in-person meeting. You can keep your aesthetic preferences and wedding-related ideas on your phone, or you can gather periodicals. Tell them your ideas during the discussion and provide a detailed plan to implement. The most important part is to understand your thoughts, so have an open mind while they give you an overview of the planning.

Additionally, you must prepare a list of questions for them, including how they operate, how many people make up their team, how frequently you will meet with them, how you will be involved in the process, etc. Furthermore, it's crucial to inquire with them regarding the payment procedure. To know exactly where your money is going and how much each vendor charges, you should pay them directly. You can determine who to choose by comparing their pricing to one another. Work on the questions in advance to ensure you know what to ask. It is crucial to feeling at ease with your wedding planner because you will be working with them for at least a month. During a meeting, you will learn about their work, management style, and, of course, personalities, so be sure to take notes on everything.

Read the Contract Carefully

Before finalizing the booking, wedding planners will provide a contract. The services you will receive at the base price will be specified in the contract. The contract should also state whether there are any additional charges for a service. Though it would be tedious to read every detail carefully, through which you can avoid taking any surprises while preparing for your wedding. Therefore, before signing, be sure to read everything thoroughly.

Finalize the deal

After carefully comparing all your options and taking your time to choose the best wedding planner for your fantasy wedding, avoid taking too much time because the more time you spend, the less time you will have to prepare for your wedding. Once you hire a wedding planner, contact them and let them know you would like to hire them. You will then need to sign the contract, pay a cash deposit, and you can formally recruit a wedding planner.


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