Best 5 Wedding Planners in Delhi to Make Your D-day More Special

Best 5 Wedding Planners in Delhi to Make Your D-day More Special

A wedding is one of the most precious occasions of everyone’s life. However, it comes with a lot of responsibilities, and amid the hustle, most people usually don’t get to enjoy the occasion to the fullest. Planning and executing a wedding are challenging tasks, but with a wedding planner by your side, it all becomes a cakewalk. If you are already searching for the best wedding planners in Delhi, we have the list ready for you.  

Top 5 Wedding planners in Delhi

1. Rivasa Regency

Rivasa Regency believes that a wedding becomes a lovely experience when even the tiniest elements are meticulously attended to. They like planning and managing every detail of your special day to make it one to remember. They specialize in conceptualizing, designing, and coordinating all aspects of a wedding. There are other factors to consider, including the season of your wedding, your overall budget, and the availability of a venue. They, as the best destination wedding planners in Delhi, keep these in mind. It covers the whole execution of a wedding theme, including floral arrangements, lighting, and props, as desired by the client.

2. Blessing Garden

They don't offer set packages at BLESSING GARDEN because they think that no two weddings should ever be the same. Instead, they provide a free consultation during which you can choose from their vast selection of wedding planning services. They create a personalized wedding proposal that meets your wants and preferences based on your budget, taste, vision, and objectives. 

3. Party Junction By The Roots

PARTY JUNCTION BY THE ROOTS specializes in planning and managing these events, from small, personal family gatherings to enormous, spectacular celebrations! From venue bookings to vendor management to overall design and execution, they can plan your entire wedding. They provide a personalized service, accompanying you not only on your initial venue viewing but also on any subsequent trips and during your wedding, ensuring complete attention to you. Destination Wedding Planning is their strongest competency at PARTY JUNCTION BY THE ROOTS.

4. Dua Tents Caterers & Planner

DUA TENTS CATERERS & DECORATORS is a wedding planner who provides a full range of wedding planning services, from conception to honeymoon planning. It's all about you and your family at your wedding. They make sure, you don't ruin the most important day of your life to get away from you in a whirlwind of planning, negotiating, meetings, and decisions. They serve their clients from a Delhi base, acting as a single point of contact for all aspects of the wedding, including city and venue selection.

5. AJ Event Management

AJ Event Management is a Delhi-based boutique wedding planning firm. They have a highly-skilled crew that is well-equipped to handle all of the couple's planning needs. With their tailored and individualized approach to wedding planning, their goal is to create stunning experiences for the bride and groom as well as their guests. Being one of the leading event organisers in Delhi, they have a creative flair for designing bespoke experiences, and their meticulous attention to detail is what distinguishes each of their projects.


Wedding planning is a challenging task, and you should let the professional handle it. These top 5 wedding planning companies offer tremendous services at competitive pricing.