The Top Wedding Caterers in Delhi NCR

The Top Wedding Caterers in Delhi NCR

Whether you're planning your own wedding or a family member's, it takes a lot of planning and organisation. Indian weddings are generally a week-long celebration with many traditions and customs in any part of the country. Many factors require consideration when planning an Indian wedding, such as location, vendors, and food.

Wedding dining is an essential component of an Indian wedding. We generally enjoy delicious food that includes multiple dishes. It should plan while balancing food and beverage and serving in its most presentable way.

Wedding meals are a big deal in India, and you must ensure it is the best ones. Few things to consider when choosing a catering firm for your special day. They should have extensive experience in Indian wedding catering, be knowledgeable about wedding food, provide various menu options, be dependable, provide prompt service, and provide exceptional food at reasonable prices.

Steps to select the best wedding caterers in Delhi NCR

1. Know your guests

Knowing how many guests will be attending your wedding is important because it will help you plan and prepare the food offerings. However, we are not supposed to send an RSVP and have to settle for estimates. When sending out invitations, try to estimate the approximate number of guests who will attend your wedding. Share the correct figure with your caterers so they can finalise the number of plates for your big day. It is always a good idea to order extra guests if someone shows up at the last minute. Other guests are welcome to bring their family and friends.

2. Check the Venue

Venues often have lists of recommended caterers who have served food there before. However, you do not need to use a caterer recommended by the venue manager. You are free to use any number of outside wedding caterers you wish. Check with the venue manager to see if they allow outside caterers. The best wedding caterers in Delhi NCR usually have prior experience working at the most prestigious locations in the city. So, ask your caterer if they have ever served at the venue. If not, connect the venue property manager to your caterer so they can discuss the venue's kitchen facilities. It can help the caterer determine how much food should serve on-site and how much can be taken offsite in their kitchen.

3. Check their Offered Services

Wedding catering involves much more than preparing delicious meals for hundreds of guests. Other factors to consider include: Does the caterer provide waiters and cutlery?

  • Is it possible for them to run a live food station?
  • What is their expertise?
  • Can they offer themed meals that match your wedding decoration?
  • Do they serve buffet or only sit-down meals?

Ask the above questions to shortlist the best people when interviewing caterers. It can help you choose the best caterer whose services match your needs.

4. Taste the Meal

No one can emphasise this enough. You cannot choose a caterer without tasting their food first. Most Delhi and NCR wedding caterers offer a full tasting menu to give you an idea of ​​the food quality, serving style and quantity. Some caterers provide free tasting menus, but most will charge you for a trial meal. Bring your partner along as you select the best catering teams for your big day. We strongly recommend you start looking for wedding catering services in Delhi NCR because the best wedding caterers in the city are booked months in advance. You don't want to miss out on a great caterer just because you started showing up too late.

5. Read Reviews

Finding the best wedding catering services in your city can be difficult, especially when there are hundreds of catering companies. So, how do you determine which wedding caterers are the best in Delhi NCR? It's actually easier than you think! Examine caterer reviews on Google or other unbiased websites. Reading a caterer's reviews will provide a clear picture of their operating style, specialities, and general customer feedback. When reading reviews, we recommend taking them with a grain of salt. Everyone has good and bad days, so look for previous customers' feedback in the middle of the road to get a more accurate picture of the caterer.


Planning a wedding is not a cup of tea and not work to do repeatedly. You need to think in detail regarding the wedding things before the date. However, this can be overwhelming, but all the work can complete with an effective plan. Before hiring any caterer for the wedding, you need to consider the above-listed things. This factor is as essential as selecting a location as they also greatly influence guests.

Furthermore, if you are dealing with a low space issue, but want to serve more, ensure your menu is prepared to accommodate as many people as possible. In addition, ensure that the space does not occupy too much and has room to air people. If the space gets occupied too much, people would not be able to walk around freely and may get annoyed. So, ensure that the area is well-ventilated and airy.

Preparing a wedding menu for guests is always complex as everyone has different tastes and choices. So, you cannot make happy all your guests but only can try. With all the preparations and details needed for a wedding, it becomes one of the most significant wedding segments. For this reason, you need to consider wedding caterers to enjoy your special day.