Dance Smith Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd.

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A-225, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi 110017, INDIA
Dance Smith Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd.
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Dance Smith Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd.

A-225, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi 110017, INDIA


Dance Smith Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd. is a dance troop that can operate Corporate Shows, Corporate Choreography, Wedding Shows, Bride and Groom Entry, Wedding Choreography, etc.

Approx. Cost: ₹ 7000 - ₹ 20 lakhs

The reason we can do so is the newness that we bought to every performance. We are the pioneering performers fusing Bollywood style with the traditional Indian classical dance form of Kathak, Odissi, and Bharatanatyam, as well as Indian Folk like Bihu, Lavani, Garba, Bhangra, Chhau, etc.
At DanceSmith, our main USP is that we do not blindly follow any and every new trend but rather are the trendsetters and merge the diverse Indian culture into one. Our dance routines are our interpretation of the rich cultural heritage of India as we bring newness into the age-old Indian dance form.
All the achievements earned us since our inception are the direct result of our well-coordinated teamwork. It is not just us but the simultaneous effort put in by the cast and crew of our Studio. Our efforts were recognized in 2017 by EEMA when they recognized and awarded us the Spotlight Award. We are currently an associate member of the EEMA. But that is not all!
We have worked hard and gotten certificates that are essential to prove how immaculate our agency is! We are affiliated with UNESCO and offer Certification from the International Dance Council as well as Empanelled by ICCR. We, at DanceSmith, believe in taking highly advantageous initiatives that would benefit our dancers both at present as well as in the future.
We also provide our dancers with a MESC Certificate issued by the Government of India under their Skill India program. It is the best certificate for a dancer to have if they wish to establish their legitimacy in the trade. It is worth mentioning that our dancers were the first batch ever to get MESC Certificates from the Government of India.
There are many dance troupes in India but rarely do you come across one that is as professional as we are. We believe that artists should be free-spirited but we tend to have them channel their free spirit in their performance. This attitude of ours in maintaining promises and keeping commitments has made us the best dance troupe to work with.
We with our capable management skills have successfully conceptualized and efficiently executed many comprehensive productions of Live entertainment on a national and international platforms. It is not a very easy task but we can pull it off without a hitch with the staunch support of our performing and non-performing crew.
At DanceSmith, we are all about creation. Whatever the scale of the dance production that we undertake, we provide the most unique dance presentations that promote the concept of Bollywood mixed with Indian classical and folk dance forms on stage. If it is grand that you want there is nothing grander than Indian heritage and it is a mix of the new and the old that we offer on stage.
This is the main reason that we are the most preferred dance troupe in India as we not only meet the expectations of our clients but also exceed them. We understand what our clients and audience want and nail it while performing every time.

Price Range

Minimum Price ₹ 7000 Per Dancer
Maximum Price ₹ 20 Lakhs

Price Range


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A-225, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi 110017, INDIA
Near Malviya Nagar Roundabout.
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